The founder of Remote Solar Solutions, Duane Russ, grew up on a remote cattle station in the heart of the Kimberley. He understands off-grid living, with his family home in Derby on a stand-alone power system. Previous work as a mechanic found Duane performing service and repairs to stand-alone power systems in remote Aboriginal communities, triggering further interest and seeking knowledge and experience in the designing and installation of these systems.

Duane is a true Kimberley man, with exceptional knowledge of the region, intuitive problem solving skills and adaptability - assets that are relied upon heavily in such an unpredictable and often harsh geographical and isolated region.  


We have regularly been utilising Duane’s expertise for maintenance, repair and consultancy on the power systems at our extremely remote Kimberley coastal communities for a number of years. Duane’s knowledge of the region and the ability to consider and troubleshoot the challenges faced, with regards to limited access and extreme seasonal weather conditions, makes working with him and the team a smooth experience. He has good rapport with Dambimangari people and they feel comfortable welcoming him on to their country.
— Peter McCumstie - (Former) CEO Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation