Flowchart of a remote stand-alone power system

How things ‘work’

A successful design of a stand-alone system requires a balance between an array of solar (or PV) panels, a charge controller, battery bank, inverter/charger and generator.

The DC energy produced by the solar panel array is routed to the deep cycle battery bank via a charge controller. The battery bank then supplies power to the house via the inverter which converts the DC battery power into the standard 240V mains power required for standard appliances.

During periods of extended cloudy weather, the power from the back up generator can supply the load requirements, in addition to charging the battery bank until full capacity is reached.


We can design and install stand-alone power systems in areas where grid-connected power is not available.

Our qualified staff are also available for servicing system equipment as the need arises.

Solar Panels

Our Equipment

System specifications and requirements will vary depending on individual client demands. We aim to seek high quality technology that offers a strong warranty period, and is proven to perform in the extreme weather conditions experienced in northern Australia.


  • Monocrystalline solar panels
    (up to 25 yr warranty)

  • Battery Inverter/Charger
    (5-10 yr warranty)

  • Lead acid Gel Battery Bank
    (48V, 10-15 yr life)

  • Solar charge controller
    (5 yr warranty)

  • Diesel generator
    with auto start function